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 Words on Sanjiang (Three Rivers) 

Nujiang Gorge

Cathlic Church


The Famous Sanjiang (Three Rivers)  Gorges in the western part of China located in the deep rivers valley of the Hengduan Mountains . In this north-south-run valley ,the magnificent Mt. Gaoligong , the Lujiang and the Hengduan Mountains are blocked and cut deep by the Jinshajiang River , the Lancangjiang River and Lujiang River ,forming a particular (three rivers) gorges of the world . Hutiao (tiger Jumping ) Gorge ,17km in length ,is the most famous one of the three . Generally it is divided into three three sections , namely the upper section , the middle section and the lower section with 18 dangerous shoals along . Head from the mouth of upper gorge to the lower is 210m , height difference from the shoal to the top of the mountain  peaks is 3600m . 

       River bed of Hutiao gorge is narrow with width of water level varying from 30m to 60m .It's name stems from a legend saying that once a giant tiger jumped over the gorge as it was so narrow . Hutiao Gorge is one of the gorges with the deepest water and highest head in world . The grand Lujiang Gorge ,300km in length , is a museum of bridges . There is also majestic view along the Lancangjiang Gorge . There are four grand snow mountains sandwiched by three rivers . Mt. Meili(6740m),Mt. Haba(5395m),Mt Yulong(5596m) and mt. Biluo(4397m). 
Most of the inhabitants in the deep valleys are ethnic people . The Lili , Lu and Dulong Minorities live in the Lujiang Rivers valley , the Naxi , Bai and Pumi minorities in Langcangjiang Rivers Gorge while the Yi, Naxi and Tibetans in the Jingshajiang Rivers gorges . Different minority possesses different folk customs and living habits . Minorities in this area ,as kept so far away from modern civilization , are still living in a rather primitive way . 

     You still could visit some Catholic Churches in this area , little is know about expeditions made by French catholic missionaries in the eary 1900s.

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