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China Yunnan Trip Advisor, Yunnan Tourist letter and their China tour experience 

 Selene , China Shangri-La Tour, Yunnan China Package trip for 13 Days.

Dear Selene 

Your tour is independent tour with one car and one local English speaking tour guide always companies with you and your mum except free days.

You could update the itinerary based on our itinerary , but the itinerary is supposed to be fixed after you confirm the tour .

Please pay the tour fee of 300US$ through the bank to us after you confirm the tour. Fax the bank statement to us after you pay the 300US$ payment through the bank by telegram payment. 

We will inform you as soon as we get your payment through the bank. 

You pay the other part of tour fee after you reach to Kunming.

Please tell your mum to begin to have a slowly walking every day from right now if she will go to Shangri-La to trip. You too.

Sincerely of yours 

----- Original Message ----- 
From: Shane & Selene Ferguson 
To: China Tours Dept. 
Sent: Tuesday, March 26, 2002 3:34 PM
Subject: Re: Re:Shangri-La tour

HI Judy the itinery sounds pretty good with some free time to do what we want which is good and considering it is a holiday , we did not know this it might be dificult to find daily tours and hotels at this time, it may be also more exciting with the festivities for us to see all the people too. The only thing that is missing is the horticultural side, but we can visit the gardens in Kunming and the botanical garden on our own. No my mother has got low blood pressure (she is 84, not yet 90) we are both of average fitness, not very healthy, I think we will see how we get on, when we get to Lijang, but the festival will be fun in Shangrila, Is this tour with other peole? If not we could make minor changes to the itinery if required? Will phone kmy mum tonight and pass all this information on to her. It looks like we should make bookings quite soon withthe Labour day coming up in May. Will be in touch again soon, kind regards, Selene

----- Original Message ----- 
From: China Tours Depart. 
To: Shane & Selene Ferguson 
Sent: Sunday, March 24, 2002 7:25 PM
Subject: Re: Welcome you to China !

Hi, Dear Selene 

Kunming's altitude is : 1894M above sea level;
Dali's altitude is : 2200M
Lijiang's altitude is : 2500-3300M
Zhongdian's altitude is: 2800-3500M

Your mama's age is 90 year-old , I wonder if she's suitable to the high altitude in Zhongdian. Does your mum suffer from any high blood pressure ? Is your mama good healthy?
We arranged a American old man whose age is 90 year-old ,he came to Yunnan to trip by himself . He also went to Zhongdian to travel three year ago, he was good healthy,just his ear was back .There was no problem for him when he stayed in Zhongdian . 

You will stay in Yunnan for 12 days , I think you could go to Zhongdian if your mum is not high blood pressure with good healthy .
Please tell her to bring some chocolates and Vitamin with her .

You come to Yunnan during the the Labor Day Public Holiday (May 1st-8th) , thousand of Chinese people will go to other provinces to travel , it's crowded everywhere in China during the public holiday .The coach fee and hotel rate floats 20-30%. So the tour fee is higher than usual. There is a Zhongdian Shangri-La Festival will be held in Zhongdian on May 5th-10th this year . You could understand much Chinese culture and minorities custom in Zhongdian. 

I offer you the good itinerary and package quotation for 2 pax . 

China Shangri-La Tour, Yunnan China Package trip for 13 Days.

Day 1: April 30th, Hongkong or Bangkok /Kunming
Arrive night in Kunming, meet you in airport and transfer to 4 Star Hotel. 

Day 2: May 1st ,Kunming/Stone Forest 
Today, travel to the incredible Stone Forest, 90kms from Kunming, known as The No. 1 Wonder Under Heaven. Along the trip you will notice small stones growing out of the fields before reaching the amazing stone pinnacles of the forest itself. 
Overnight in Stone Forest Hotel. (B/L/D)
Day 3:May 2nd, Stone Forest/Kunming 
Free to explore your own interesting in the morning return to Kunming after lunch, and visit the Yunnan Museum . Overnight in Kunming (B.L.D) 

Day 4: May 3rd,Kunming/Dali by air
Take morning flight to Dali,visit the Three Towering Pagodas of Chongshen Monastery built in 836AD. See the Bai Minority People tie dying cloth with wax. Visit a beautiful Bai Minority Fishing Village with its traditional style courtyards at Xizhou Town. (B.L.D) 

Day 5: May 4th,Dali 
Free day to explore your own .(B)

Day 6: May 5th,Dali/Lijiang 
Today Drive 180Km to Lijiang ,. Move on to Lijiang. You will pass through many enchanting minority villages on the way to Lijiang.Arrival , visit the Black Dragon Pool park , and the Square Street of Lijiang Ancient Town . Enjoy the Naxi Classical Musical Show . (B/L/D)

Day 7: May 6th,Lijiang
This morning visit the Naxi Village, Baisha Murals depicting Tibetan, Naxi and Han legends, and the 600-years-old Ten Thousand-Blossom Camellia Tree at the Yufeng Lama Temple. You can choose to take the cable car (own expense) to the top the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, where you will have the opportunity to see the 40000-years-old glacier. Travel by cable car to the Dragon Spruce Meadow. (B.L.D) 

Day 8: May 7th,Lijiang

Free day to explore your own interesting such as sitting in the Naxi Bar along bank of the creek in Lijiang Ancient Town , walk around the square street of town . (B)

Day 9: May 8th,Lijiang -Tiger Leaping Gorge - Zhongdian
Today travel by road 40km to Tiger Leaping Gorge. Here you will witness the true power of the Yangtze River. Travel on 50km to the first bend of the Yangtze River at Shigu Town. Continue drive 50 km's to Zhongdian, a pure virgin Tibetan area, which is known as Shangri-La Paradise. (B.L.D) 

Day10: May 9,Zhongdian 
Visit the Gedan Tibetan Lhama Palace. As very few tourists ever visit this area it remains virtually unspoiled. Visit the virgin forests of Shudu Lake Forest Reserve area and Tibetan Village. The spectacular mountain scenes and virgin forest scenery will delight your senses. Meet the Tibetan people in their village environment, you may want to purchase some of their local handicrafts.Stay at a local hotel (B.L.D)

Day11 May10,Zhongdian/Kunming
In the morning fly to Kunming. In the afternoon enjoy a sightseeing tour to Western Hill with a Dragon Gate carved into the sheer cliff, and spectacular views over Kunming and Dianchi Lake. This evening enjoy a Minority Show. Stay at your 4 Star Hotel. (B.L.D)

Day 12 May11: Kunming 
Free day (B),overnight in Kunming. Same hotel.

Day 13 May12: Kunming/Hongong or Bangkok 
Departure , OTC wish you have a good trip .(B/L)

Quotation includes :
Two domestic flight tickets : Kunming/Dali,Zhongdian/Kunming 
Accommodation ,hotel room rate with two person sharing one room . 
All transfer in /out. 
English Speaking tour guide.
B/L/D : Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

Quotation excludes:
Domestic airport tax :
International departure fee :
International air tickets 

Your arrival date is near to April 30. , we wish you decide your tour as early as possible . We need reserve hotels , cars and tours for you early because of May labour Public Holiday . 

Best regards 

Wait for your reply 


----- Original Message -----

From: Shane & Selene Ferguson 
To: China Tours Depart. 
Sent: Sunday, March 24, 2002 4:34 PM
Subject: Re: Welcome you to China !

Hi Judy, do you think the altitude will make my mother sick?? Is that the reason you suggest not to go to Zhondian? We arrive on the night of the 30th April and fly out on the 12th May.Regards Selene.
----- Original Message ----- 
From: China Tours Depart. 
To: Shane & Selene Ferguson 
Sent: Thursday, March 21, 2002 2:32 AM
Subject: Re: Welcome you to China !

----- Original Message ----- 
From: Shane & Selene Ferguson 
To: China Tours Depart. 
Sent: Tuesday, March 19, 2002 4:00 AM
Subject: Re: Welcome you to China !

Hi Judy ,yes we are still coming to Yunnan, but we wish to "play it by ear" a bit and not be too fixed with an itinery, say we really like Dali for example we may choose to stay there an extra day, or to stay overnight at the Stone Foredst, and we do not wish to decide before whether to go to Zhondian or not so it is a bit difficult to plan a tour and be free at the same time, so we think mkaybe we have to plan trips a day before where ever we are. Anyway we will keep in touch. Selene

Hallo Judy ,there, I have just received an email from Oliver who you recommended I contact re our Yunnan trip(he too 3 weeks to answer me) What he says worries me a little, he tells me that the Stone Foreest was the worst and most frustrating experience he has had in China, he said the crowds of peolpe were so bad he could not get anywhere and advised us not to go. He said the Western Hills was much better experience. What do you think? I thought that if we spend the night there that we could avoid all the crods by getting up early in the morning to see the Stone Forrest before the tourists arrive in their buses??? It did worry me a bit. Also he said of goiong to Shangrila he thought we needed at least 3 WEEKS to spend in Yunnan and it would be very strenous and very tiring for us, and it might be better to do a day trip from Lijiang to Tiger Leaping gorge which is very special and spectacular. You tell me we cannot change our itinery once we have started, by what if we get to Ligiang and wish to go back to Kunming instead of going to Shangrila what will happen then?? I am a bit worried on this point, because till we experience China we cannot know in advance how we will feel. So I want to share these worries with you now, to see what you think. Kind regards Selene. It is a pity he did not write to us before so 

----- Original Message ----- 
From: China Tours Dept. 
To: Shane & Selene Ferguson 
Sent: Friday, April 12, 2002 6:01 PM
Subject: Re: Attn Judy

Dear Selene

I think the tour guide who took Oliver to trip in Stone forest is not an good experienced tour guide.
I will take you to travel in Kunming on this time. Stone Forest is very big , most tourists focused on the big Stone Forest which is very crowded on weekends and holidays. I don't go to that way if I meet crowded. I take you to visit some others beautiful places where not many people usually go there in the Stone Forest. I am sure you enjoy good time with me in Kunming and Stone Forest. You discuss with me if you hope to visit the Western Hills in Kunming , which is easy to take you go . 

Did Oliver travel to Zhongdian. How can they do within 3 weeks in Lijiang ,Zhongdian unless they do the trekking tour .

It is public Holiday from May1-7th , it's hard to reserve the air tickets , hotels ,coach.Etc. , 
Your air tickets from Kunming to Dali on May 2nd, Zhongdian-Kunming,May 10th, have been reserved and It's safety to keep your air tickets in our hands , so I got your four pieces of tickets from Airline Company yesterday . If you get to Lijiang and wish to go back to Kunming instead of going to Shangrila ,I don't know whether we can reserve the air tickets from Lijiang to Kunming during that time . 30% tour fee in Zhongdian returns to you if you cancle the tour of Zhongdian when you get to Lijiang. 80% air ticket fare refunds to you from Zhongdian-Kunming. 

Please tell me your decision if you don't go to trip to Zhongdian . I need to reserve the air ticket from Lijiang to Kunming right now. It's ok to cancle the tour of Zhongdian ,

I only wary one things is your mum's health , does she has heart attack and high blood pressure , whether she is suitable to the high altitude of 3000M-3500M in Zhongdian.

The others is very nice , the tour schedule is reasonable and not hard for you. The tour in Zhongdian is not hard , no climbing , no long walking , in fact the whole trip seems like this. 

HI Judy thank you for all the troube you have gone to to reassure us and for offering to take us to stone forest and to less crowded areas, much appreciated, also we feel reassured about Zondian, (my mother says she has been to much higher places, and has low blood pressure, (I was only concerned about too much time on long walks and journeys). We both look forward to meeting you, kind regards, Selene

----- Original Message ----- 
From: Shane & Selene Ferguson 
To: China Tours Dept. 
Sent: Monday, April 22, 2002 7:53 AM
Subject: Judy

Hi Judy, we arrive at 6.05 pm at Kunming airport on the 30th April Flight M1 916.Silkair from Singapore.
We depart on 12th May at 1.00pm M1 911, regards, Selene.
This 13 days Yunnan China family tours is suitable for old people/senior trip in Yunnan China, southwest of China trip.

13 Days Yunnan Leisure Tours to Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, Shangrila, suitable for senior people tours to China.

                                <Booking Senior People Tour in Yunnan China On Line>


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