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Tourists letters and their tour experience 

 Orchid Fung 

Dear Orchid 

Thank you for very nice questions . 

You will have an English Speaking guide to take you to Stone Forest as soon as you reach to the Kunming Airport from Zhongdian. The driver and a TOYATO Minibus are also included , you could put all of your luggages in the bus. 
The Stone Forest tickets are included too , You have lunch in the Stone Forest Hotel. 

Our tourists usually travel to Stone Forest for 2 hours ,you could stay there longer as you like .on the way back to Kunming . Visit the colorful Yunnan.(big shopping center), arrive in Kunming at 4:30Pm or 5:30Pm. .

We arrange the dinner which doesn't include the Minority Show .I advise you to watch the professional minority show (new), which is more interesting ,starts at 8:30PM (Monday-Friday, Sunday) , you pay 18US$/pax or 150RMB to the tour guide ,who will take you to watch it after dinner . 

On Aug 4, how much time do we have at Tiger Leaping Gorge?
. The driver will wait for you at the parking of Tiger Leaping Gorge, You have 1-2 hours 
to hike down to the river, you are able to take as much time as you want along our way,
but you also need catch the way to get to Zhongdian before dark.
you still will visit the First Bend of Yangtze River. 

4. Aug 5 - Bita Lake. I read that one has to either walk several
> kilometres to the lake, or get in by horseback. One of us 
> cannot ride a horse(horse rent doesn't include,about 50RMB/horse)
nor able to walk that long. Does it prevent
> us from visiting Bita Lake? I heard Shuda lake is nice. Do
> we have time to visit Napa Lake, Shuda Lake and the monastery
> all in one day?
Yes , Shuda Lake is nice , and it's not hard to walk there,We change to visit the
Shuda Lake . The time is ok to visit the Napa Lake and Gedan 
Song Zan Lin Monastery in one day. 

Kunming-Guilin airfare is 770RMB/p

Pls pay one part of the tour fee (200US$ )to us through the Bank after you confirm the tour .
Fax the payment statement copy to us , we will return the fax copy with our company's seal to you after we receive your payment. The money usually takes one week to reach to our account.
Pay the sum part tour fees when you arrive in Kunming. 

Our company's Name: Yunnan Overseas Travel Corporation 
Bank Name: Yunnan Branch, Bank China 
Bank Account: 01242108091014
Bank Address:No.448 Beijing Rd. Kunming,China .Postcode:650051

Your early confirmation is highly appreciated

Best regards 


P.S : We heard the news that Lijiang Local Government has a new regulation : every tourist has to pay 80RMB of Ancient Town Maintenance Fee when he/she check in hotel . which will start on April 1st . 
80RMB includes the Mu's Mansion Park ticket. 
Our quotation doesn't include the 80RMB/pax,
Pls pay it in the hotel by yourself if the Law is issued .

----- Original Message ----- 
From: <>
To: China Tours Dept. <>
Sent: Friday, March 01, 2002 8:41 AM
Subject: Re: Our Itinerary looks good

> Hi Judy,
> We are pleased with your suggested itinerary and the price quoted 
> is reasonable. 

> A few questions :
> 1. The one day tour to Stone Forest - is this with car and
> driver only? Are entrance fees and guide service included?
> Will driver be able to pick us up at airport, take us to
> hotel and then we leave for Stone Forest immediately ?

> 2. Dinner in Kunming - I've heard there is an evening minority 
> show/dinner? Is it worth going, and if so, how much more 
> will it cost us over and above the dinner already included 
> in the tour package? This assumes we get back in time from
> Stone Forest for the show.

> 3. On Aug 4, how much time do we have at Tiger Leaping Gorge?
> Will we have time to hike down to the river? I suppose if 
> we hire a driver, we should be able to take as much time as 
> we want along our way, right?

> 4. Aug 5 - Bita Lake. I read that one has to either walk several
> kilometres to the lake, or get in by horseback. One of us 
> cannot ride a horse nor able to walk that long. Does it prevent
> us from visiting Bita Lake? I heard Shuda lake is nice. Do
> we have time to visit Napa Lake, Shuda Lake and the monastery
> all in one day?

> 5. We have not yet decided whether to join our friends in Guilin 
> on Aug 7 (instead of flying back to Shanghai on that day). 
> Can you tell us what is the airfare from Kunming to Guilin? 

> 5. Payments - how and when do we have to pay you? 

> Thanks Judy for your assistance. You have been most helpful.
> Please also make note that we like to request non-smoking hotel
> rooms if possible and that the driver/guide is a non-smoker or
> does not smoke in front of us. Thanks.

> Orchid

> "China Tours Dept." wrote:
> > 
> > Dear Orchid
> > 
> > Pls check the tour schedule again .
> > 
> > 
> > Aug 2 arrive Lijiang from Shanghai , check in hotel by your own .overnight
> > in Grand Lijiang Hotel
> > >Aug 3 Lijiang,free to explore your own tour (overnight in Grand Lijiang
> > Hotel with breakfast)(B)
> > >Aug 4 Lijiang to Zhongdian
> > Drive you to Zhongdian , Visit the Tiger Leaping Gorge , and
> > the First Bend of Yangtze River.
> > before reach Zhongdian . overnight in Rim Pacific Hotel (B/).
> > no tour guide, only driver today.
> > >Aug 5 Zhongdian
> > Meet tour guide in the hotel , travel to the Bita Lake ,
> > Songzang Lin Lama Temple,
> > Napa Lake , overnight in Rim Pacific Hotel (B/L/D)
> > >Aug 6 Zhongdian to Kunming by morning flight
> > Arrival ,trip to Stone Forest
> > .overnight in Golden Dragon Hotel (B/L/D)
> > >Aug 7 Kunming (afternoon flight back to Shanghai)(B)
> > Transfer to airport by yourself. 

> > Kunming-Shanghai air tickets : 1670RMB/p . usually has 10-15% disscount . We
> > could help you to book it.
> > 
> > Hotel:
> > Grand Lijiang Hotel
> > Rim Pacific Hotel
> > Golden Dragon Hotel
> > 
> > Hope you like it , and make it confirm early .
> > 
> > -----Original Message-----
: <>
?: <>
: 2002?2??28? 7:01
>Re: Hiring driver to Stone Forest (continued)

Dear Judy,
Continued from my last email, what we like you to arrange for
us is :
a) hotel accomodations (2 nights Lijiang, 2 nights Zhongdian,
1 night Kunming). We require 3 beds.
b) car and driver to Stone Forest on Aug 6, I believe we will
arrive Kunming from Zhongdian at 10:30 am and like to start
the tour as soon as we check into our hotel. We like to
return to Kunming the same evening.
c) car and driver to drive us from Lijiang to Zhongdian on
Aug 4 morning
d) air tickets from Zhongdian to Kunming on Aug 6.

Thanks for all help.

Orchid wrote:

Hi Judy,
The reason that we want to do independent tour is my sister is
a "tag-along" and she cannot afford to pay the rate of normal
tours when quoted by per-person rate. Therefore we decide to hire
a driver and do it on our own, using taxi to take us from airport
to hotel. Our total budget (for all 3 people), not including
domestic airfares is $1000.
This is our plan, so what you can do.
Aug 2 arrive Lijiang from Shanghai (overnight Lijiang)
Aug 3 Lijiang (overnight Lijiang)
Aug 4 Lijiang to Zhongdian (overnight Zhongdian)
Aug 5 Zhongdian (overnight Zhongdian)
Aug 6 Zhongdian to Kunming (overnight Kunming)
Aug 7 Kunming (afternoon flight back to Shanghai)

A room with an extra bed is fine. We just need to have 3 separate
beds. We do want a decent hotel.

If you can help us meet our budget and plan the tour for
us, we will be very grateful. Thanks.


Judy wrote:

Dear Orchid

Will you please tell me how many days you live in Holiday Inn (I
advise Green Lake Hotel ), Grand Lijiang and Rim Pacific . There are no
three person's room in above three hotels . You probably need 2 rooms or add
a bed in one room .

Can you give me your completed itinerary . you mention what part of the
tour schedule you need us to arrange it for you , I will offer you a package

Appreciate you
Best regards


----- Original Message -----
From: <>
To: OTC <>
Sent: Tuesday, February 26, 2002 8:11 AM
Subject: Re: Hiring driver to Stone Forest

Hi Judy,
Glad you enjoyed Saigon. We will be visiting in early August.
I know it's still early to book anything but because we will be
visiting Yunnan as independent travellers, we need to plan these
things in advance.

We plan to go visit Lijiang, then to Zhongdian. Don't know
whether you can pre-arrange a car and driver for us to go from
Lijiang to Zhongdian, and if so, what is the cost.

Also, can you quote hotels for 3 people with 3 beds. Kunming-
preferably Holiday Inn, Lijiang-Grand Lijiang and Zhongdian-Pacific
Rim Hotel.

Do we pay you in advance?


OTC wrote:

Dear Orchid

I am happy to hear from you . When will you come to Kunming to
travel .
The Costing is 550RMB or 67USD for hiring a driver and a car to
Stone Forest including the tolls and parking fee.
The coach fee is much higher during the Labour Holiday (May
1st-7th ).

I went to Saigon in Vietnam to travel during or Spring Festival
Holiday. I enjoyed a very good time there .
Happy New Year

Thank you and best regards


Sent: Monday, February 25, 2002 1:45 AM
Subject: Hiring driver to Stone Forest

Because we only have 1/2 day in Kunming, we will missed the
tour to Stone
Forest that starts in the morning. Will you be able to arrange a
car and
driver for the three of us (no guide) to pick up us for the hotel
at noon?
If so, how much would it cost. Thanks.

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