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Tourist letter and their tour experience 


Baiman Snow Mountain,Sep, 2001,Taken by Cyril



Cyril came to Baima Snow Mountain to take a trekking tour on Sep. 2001, he stayed in Deqin Bamai snow mountain for 5 days , overnight in camps in the mountain.

He experienced a stuff and wonderful adventure in Deqin Baima Snow Mountain. He will come to Kunming again to stay here for two months from Agu 10th to Otc 10th,2002 to do his botanical researchment again. 

Cyril abserves the Snub-nose-Monkey in Baima Snow Mountain.

Snub-nosed Monkey  
Dear Judy

It's my pleasure to help you and your client. However, I have to tell
you that it's almost impossible to see the golden monkeys at
Baimaxueshan. You remember, when you organized my trip to Wuyapiya and
Dongshui villages (Baimaxueshan Ziran Baohuqu) back in 2001, we had no
chance to see the animals. There are snub-nosed monkeys in this area,
but they apparently moved to a forest near a village called Nanren. It
is possible to find the animals there, but you may need at least 2 weeks
in the mountains, otherwise chances are very low. Furthermore, this area
is very remote, there are no hotels at all, you have to stay in tents;
and without speaking a little bit of Mandarin (or better Thibetan), it's
hard to deal with your guides. You remember, that Tibetan guide back in
2001 couldn't speak English at all, and most local people couldn't speak
Chinese either.

The only place where it is easy to see the golden monkeys, is the Samage
Forest near the village of Xiangguqing close to the town of Tacheng in
Weixi County. This area is now being developped for tourism, so there is
staff of the Forestry Department which can lead you to the monkeys. So
you may now ask why it is so easy to see the animals there? The reason
for this is that the local people chase the monkeys to the tourists so
that the tourists do not have to spend several days in the mountains
searching for the animals. This is quite strong human impact on the
animals daily life, but it's the only way to make it possible for
visitors to see the golden monkeys. If your customer can accept this
kind of human intrusion, he may go to the Samage Forest and see the
golden monkeys. There is however a charge for seeing the monkeys: the
Forestry Department charges about 50 to 90 Us-$ for a one-day
monkey-watching experience. You have to pay the money to the authorities
in Tacheng (you can ask in the hotels for details how to get the
permit). It is not allowed to go to the forest on your own.
You can get to Tacheng (Weixi de Tacheng! Not Lijiang de Tacheng) easily
from Zhongdian. Takes about 2 hours. There are 2 two-star hotels in town
(see attached picture). It takes about 30 min to drive to Xiangguqing
village, then you have to wlak for 1-3 hours to see the monkeys.
You know, to tell you the truth, I am a little worried about the growing
number of tourists who want to see the golden monkeys. A lot of people
in the forest will disturb the animals, and the chasing of the monkeys
can be stressful and harmful for the monkeys. So one of my projects in
the future will be to develop some sustainable management plan for the
monkeys at Tacheng. This will be done in collaboration with The Nature
Conservancy (an American NGO) and local authorities. We want to take
into consideration both the needs of the animals and of the locals and
tourists to find ways to make tourism in tacheng more

We can talk about this important and interesting topic in more deatil in
Kunming this summer.

Hope this helps

Feel free to e-mail me if there are any further questions

All the best to you and your family. April 19, 2005


Dear Judy

Thank you for the program.
I have some more questions:

What kind of equipment do I have to bring for the trekking (tent?
camping equipment?, cooking stuff and food?...)

Is the trip to Wuyapiya included in the program because it is very 
important for me to go there because I'm interested in the Snub-nosed 

I'll tell you later about paying.

Cyril ,

I am very pleasure to hear from you , you decide to come to 
Kunming ,
Lijiang and zhongdian to explore .
You have the two ways to pay for us .
The first way to pay for us by credit card in advance through Bank 
in your country(swiss), we have the bank account .
The second way ,You pay 500-300USD through the bank to us in 
advance in July or August , pay for us the left part by cash or travel cheque when 
you arrive in Kunming .
Bank Name :Kunming Dong Feng Sub-Branch ,Bank of China
Bank Account No. : 492070101140161853
Bank Address: 16th Dong Feng Western Road.  Kunming , China .
Post Code:650031

Our Company name : Yunnan Overseas Travel Corporation

Zhang Jing
I give you the itinerary from Sep. 5 to Sep. 19

          15Nights/16days Biologist Exploration
Sep.5 Arrive in Kunming , transfer to hotel.
Overnight at Golden Dragon Hotel(4star)
Sep.6 Free day . Same Hotel
Sep.7 One day tour to the Stone Forest (double way 190Km by car) 
Same Hotel
Sep.8 Kunming-Lijiang (by air ), visit the spruce of the Jade 
Dragon Snow Mountain . Yufeng Lama Temple , Black Dragon Pool .Lijiang Square 
Street , Ancient Lijiang Town . Overnight in Grand Land Hotel(4star)
Sep. 9 Lijiang--Zhongdian(200km by car) ,visit the Tiger Leaping 
Gorge,and the First Bend of Yangtze River on the way before arrive in 
Zhongdian .
Overnight in Zhongdian Bita Hotel(3star)
Sep. 10 Zhongdian---Deqin Baiman Snow Mountain(by car)
transfer to Baiman Snow Mountain 4700M (National Nature
Reserve) , observe the Azalea . Overnight in camps
Sep. 11 Trekking 20km for one day , observing the plants flowers 
in the mountains with an altitude of 4100M above the sea level . Overnight 
in camps
Sep. 12 Trekking about 25Km , down the mountain , observing the 
plants and flowers in the mountains with an altitude of 3800M above the sea 
level .
You might take views of rare wild animals right here .Overnight 
in camps
Sep.13 Trekking about 20km down the mountain , observing the snub-
nosed monkeys , other precious animals including lesser pandas , snow 
panthers ,
leopards, observing the rare species of fauna and flora, such as 
chinese , tung tree ,spruce , Etc. Overnight in camps
Sep.14 Trekking , return to the start from the back 
mountain ,observing the multi-altitude climate 's plants in the mountains with an 
altitude of 3800M, to the entrance of The Baiman mountain ,Overnight in 
Sep. 15 take the car to return to the Zhongdian .
Overnight in Bitai Hotel (3star)
Sep. 16 Zhongdian-Kunming (by air ) , visit the Western Hills with 
Dragon Gate , then Kunming International Horticulture Expo. Garden . 
at Golden Dragon Hotel(4star)
Sep.17 Free day . Overnight in Palace Hotel(cheap) .
Sep.18 Free day . Same Hotel
Sep.19 Departure Kunming , transfer to the Kunming Airport . take 
flight Kunming/Bangkok . OTC wish you have a good trip .


service includes : two flight tickets(Kunming/Lijiang,
Zhongdian/Kunming) ,
two domestic airport fees , a local English speaking tour 
guide ,meals ,car
, hotel ,transfer to hotel , sightseeing mentioned .
One horse rent when you and a local guide stay in Baiman Snow 
Mountain ,the
horse carries the food , meals and utensils during the the five 
days in the
Baiman Snow Mountain .

excludes :
International air tickets ,Kunming--Hongkong or Bangkok. and 
departure fee 90RMB/person.
camp , sleeping bag are prepared by yourself .
if you would like to ride a horse in stead of trekking for five 
days in the
mountain .you pay another horse rent 20USD/day .

please don't hesitate to ask me if you have any problems .

warm regards


-----Original Message-----
发 ccgrueter <>
收: China Tour Depart. <>
日 2001年7月2日 20:48
回: reply one person trip .

Dear Judy

Yes, I would like to book the trip.
Can you please mail me if I can pay by credit card in advance?

And I would like to include a trip to Wuyapiya in Baimaxue 

I will arrive in Kunming on September the 5th, have a free day 
in Kunming on the 6th and then start the tour to the Stone Forest 
on the 7th. So you can book another night at the Golden Dragon Hotel.
Then I will come back to Kunming after Baimaxueshan on 
September the
16th, then spending one more night at the Golden Dragon Hotel 
(as mentioned in the itinerary), then spending 2 more nights at a 
hotel in Kunming (for example the Chungcheng Hotel), then 
leaving for
Bangkok on September the 19th.

Best regards


You can go to the Wuyapiya within Baimaxueshan
Nature Reserve where some researchers have observed the 
Yunnan snub nosed monkeys . But it is depended on your lucky if you can 
see the snubnosed monkeys there . snubnosed monkeys usully appear 
there .

It's the crop season on Septemper , the scenery is beautiful 
in Yunnan Province . I am waiting for your coming .
Thank you


My possible arrival date in Kunming will be September 5th.
And is it possible to go to Wuyapiya or Nanren within 
Baimaxueshan Nature Reserve where some researchers have observed the 
Yunnan snub-nosed monkeys?
And is it possible to pay by credit card for the trip?


Dear Cyril,

There are 800Km from Kunming to Zhongdian , it is a good 
way to take the flight Kunming/Lijiang .Stay in Lijiang for one day , the 
next day to travel by road 200km to Zhongdian ,tour the Tiger Leaping Gorge 
on the >way , then drive 50km to visit the the First Bend of Yangtze River 
before arrival in
Zhongdian .
You may look at the Meili Snow Mountain from distance in 
the Baimaxue Nature Reserve .The weather is nice in Kunming , with the blue sky and 
fresh air 

looking forward to hearing from you .

good lucky


-----Original Message-----
发: ccgrueter <>
收: China Tour Depart. <>
日: 2001年6月5日 5:25
主: Re: reply one person trip .

Dear Judy Zhang

I'm still interested in doing this trip, I will tell you 
my decision in about one or two weeks.
I have some more questions:
Is it possible to do one way Kunming-Zhongdian by 
car/bus with short stop in Lijang and Tiger Leaping Gorge?
And is it possible to see Mt. Meilixue from Baimaxue 
Nature Reserve?

Kind regards

  Hi Judy
I hope you've already got the money for my accomodation in Kunming.
Can you do me another favor? I would like to make a flight booking from 
Kunming to Zhongdian on August 12th and back to Kunming on August 17th. Can 
you please confirm me this flight booking as soon as possible. I don't need 
any land arrangements in Zhongdian because I will meet there a scientist 
which I will accompany on a trip to Tacheng (Weixi County).

Thanks and best regards


Can you please mail me the invoice and confirmation for my stay at the 
Camellia Hotel and for the flight Beijing-Kunming so that I can arrange a 
bank transfer to your account.

Best regards

Cyril C. Ger

Hi Cyril 

we can't book the provincial flights early , have to wait for one week , then I will tell you as soon as I book it .

It doesn't matter , you could pay the air flights fare and room fee to me after you get to Kunming.

Say hello to your parents 

See u


----- Original Message ----- 
From: Cyril C. Grüter <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, July 09, 2002 7:53 PM
Subject: Re: Flight booking

 Dear Judy 
 If you have already made the booking for the Kunming/Zhongdian flight, can 
 you please mail me the flight number?
 And can you also make a booking for one night from August 12th to August 
 13th at the Pacific Rim Hotel in Zhongdian?
 Is it possible to pay for the flights (Beijing-Kunming & Kunming-Zhongdian) 
 and for the hotel in Zhongdian after my arrival in Kunming on August 10th?
 Thanks and see you soon
 Cyril C. Grüter
From: "China Tour Depart." <>
Reply-To: "China Tour Depart." <>
To: Cyril C. Grüter <>
Subject: Re: Flight booking
Date: Tue, 2 Jul 2002 10:39:40 +0800


You may take baggage 20Kg with you for the domestic flight , 1kg 
overweight , you need pay 15RMB/Kg .

Kunming/Zhongdian air fare : 560RMB

See you


> >----- Original Message -----
From: Cyril C. Grüter <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, July 02, 2002 2:03 AM
Subject: Re: Flight booking

 Dear Judy

 Thanks for the reservation.
 I have another question: Do you know how much baggage I can take with me 
 the flights within China. Is it 20 kg?
 How much do I have to pay for overweight?
 It's because I have to bring a lot of luggage and equipement for my long
 stay in Kunming.

 Thanks in advance

Greetings from Cyril

To: Cyril C. Grüter <>
Subject: Re: Flight booking
Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2002 11:11:01 +0800

----- Original Message -----
From: Cyril C. Grüter <>
To: <>
Sent: Saturday, June 29, 2002 10:03 PM
Subject: Flight booking

 Hi Judy
I hope you've already got the money for my accomodation in Kunming.
Can you do me another favor? I would like to make a flight booking 
from  Kunming to Zhongdian on August 12th and back to Kunming on August 
17th. Can  you please confirm me this flight booking as soon as possible. I 
need  any land arrangements in Zhongdian because I will meet there a 
scientist  which I will accompany on a trip to Tacheng (Weixi County).

 Thanks and best regards


From OTC (Yunnan Overseas Travel Corporation )

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