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Yangshuo, located in northeastern par of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, lies south of Guilin and is under the jurisdiction of the city of Guilin. Yangshuo County covers an area of 1,428 square km and has 20,000 hectares of land used for agricultural cultivation. It has a population about 300,000, making up of different ethnic groups such as Han, Zhuang, Yao, Hui, etc. The weather in Yangshuo is subtropical, with sufficient rainfall, sunlight, and heat around the whole year. On average each year the temperature is 190C, the amount of sunlight is 1,465 hours, the
rainfall is 1,640mm. There are about 300 days per year without frost. In general, the weather is neither too hot in summer nor too cold in winter.YangShuo has a long history of 1400 year in which the people there have created their own culture, such as long drum dance, song gathering Cai Diao opera, dragon and lion dance, the natural scenery there are gardens mrelics and sites in the history, ancient bridge and other architectures and stone carvings.
  With a very long history, Yangshuo county was estsblished during the decade of Shui Emperor(AC590) and has about 1400 years of history until now. Yangshuo county is excellant with its geological conditions in whichunigue peaks spring up along with clean and crystal waters Besides.
In need of an easy escape to do some cycling, rock climbing or cave exploring?The village of Yangshuo, China, is at the very heart of Guangxi province's karst limestone country, and is just a quick hop from most parts of Southeast Asia. For centuries Chinese poets and painters have immortalized the region's strange beauty and now adventurers are finding reasons to do likewise as they explore the area's rich potential. Located 400km northwest of Guangzhou this region is dominated by limestone karst: steep, tree-covered mounds ranging from 100-300m high. In the middle of this scenic beauty on the banks of the Li River is the village of Yangshuo. In a country where service is often a mystery and travel fraught with headaches, Yangshuo is easy. More than any other spot in China, the town has adapted to travellers' needs, and now includes establishments that offer Internet access, video nights, Western food and affordable accommodation. Within striking distance from the town's main street are a massive variety of adventures, whether you want to take a bike ride, go on a hike, go caving or get in some hardcore climbin
As the old saying goes , "Guilin's scenery is the most beautiful in the world, Ynagshuo 's scenery is far more superior to that of Guilin 's". From this, one can know that the natural scenery of Yangshuo is unique and like none other in the world .In Yangshuo County alone, there are over 20,000 hill and over 250 scenic spits. The clean and clear LI River winds through Yangshuo for 56km. On both sides of the river, magical peaks and push green bamboo trees reflect off the mirror like surface of the water to paint beautiful mountain and water murals. Many call it paradise on earth. The most notable scenic spots of Guilin are in Yangshuo, i.e, Nine-Horse Painted Hill, Yellow Reflection Point, Xingping Village, Lotus Cave, Young Scholar Hill, Snow Lion Ridge, the Big Banyan Tree, Moon Hill, and Dragon River. Moreover, many consider the land scape of the plains and the villages to be like a beautiful picturesque poem. Amongst the mountains and waters are old buildings and old bridges that reflect the rich cultural heritage of Yangshuo. Just by observing these, One can learn much about Yangshuo's history. Yangshuo was one of the first counties to be appointed as a national tourism area. Each year 1.5 million visitors come to Yang shuo.


Major scenic Spots in Yangshuo

Fuli Village | Moon Hills | Green Lotus Pea | Yangdi Village |

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