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Lijiang black dragon pool
Black Dragon Pool  

The Ancient town of Lijiang 丽江世界自然文化遗产
Lijiang the world Nature and Culture Heritage.

The ancient city of Lijiang is found in Dayan Town , a largely Naxi settlement first built during the Southern Song Dynasty some eight centuries ago . In December 1986 , the State Council designated the place as a famous ancient UNESCO put Lijiang on a list of the world major cultural heritages . With square Street at the core , the entire city spreads out in all direction , and is crisscrossed by labyrinth of flagged streets and alleyways . Most of the dwellings , scattered at the foot of a mountain or by the rivers which flow through every nook and corner of the city , are brick-and title
lijiang ancient town
The city has the best preserved ancient town in China - the Lijiang Old Town which has been listed in the World Cultural Heritages by UNESCO in 1997. The Old Town was once the center of the city and continues to maintain the original flavor of the local lifestyle, the typical groups of buildings and the profound cultural heritage of the region. When wandering along Square Street or any other streets in the Old Town, you will be struck by the peaceful surroundings. From enjoying the sight of the setting sun from historic hotels to local farmsteads, there are many favorable things here for visitors. Naturally, there are a number of destinations to enhance your visit as well. Among them, the most famous is Mufu (Mu's Palace) which should not be missed.
Lijiang Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Lijiang dayan town
Dayan Ancient Street

structures with carved doors and painted windows . Traffic across the rivers is facilitated by a large number of ting stone bridges . The entire city is evocative of a town south of the Yangtza River . 

Culture is the soul of Lijiang ancient town. Dongba culture is an integral part of Naxi culture, referred to as the ancient culture of the ethnic Naxi. It is called so because it is mostly found in the Dongba religion, which is believed to be one thousand years old. It chiefly consists of scriptures, paintings, music, dances, ritual implements and religious services.

Lijiang Naxi Peopel Building
Situated in the northwest plateau in Yunnan, Lijiang(the Beautiful River) got its name from its position at the middle reaches of the beautiful Jinsha River. The Naxi Autonomous County is the seat of the administrative commission of Lijiang Prefecture. Scattered on an area of 7,648 square kilometers, the population of 320,000 is made up of the Naxi, Bai, Lisu, Pumi, Yi, Tibetan, Miao, Hui, Han and other ethnic groups. Among them, the Naxi people constitute 57% of the total. Affected by the plateau wind from South Asia,

Naxi classical Music
Naxi Classical Music
Lijiang has two distinctive seasons, the dry and the wet. The temperature range of the four seasons is narrow. The annual mean temperature ranges from12.6 C to 9.9 C. The Dongba religion, a primitive religion, is the common belief of the Naxi people.In addition, some of them believe in Lamaism. These two religions have greatly influenced the ideology of the Naxi people and their social activities and life.
Lijiang jade dragon snow mountain
Around the city, there are also a number of splendid natural beauty spots that will certainly astonish you. If you like to see superlative natural scenery, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain which provides a majestic backdrop to the Moon-Embracing Pavilion at Black Dragon Pond will fulfill your desire. For those seeking an exotic experience, a visit to the Mosuo People beside Lugu Lake is a must. They are called the last 'Kingdom of Women' on earth. If you would like to experience the local lifestyle, then come and participate in one or more of their various festivals that are held throughout the year.

Lijiang does not have a direct rail link and is reached by visitors by air or by coach. However, once arriving, visiting round and about is easy with the help of the city buses, taxis or for the more energetic by bicycle. However, please don't forget to save some time to talk a walk there. Along your way, you must visit some of the souvenir shops and taste some local dishes and snacks. At night, the famous bar street in the Old Town is really worth a visit. No matter where you go, you will find a harmonious combination of tradition and fashion in the city.

Lijiang jade dragon snow mountain tours


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