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  • Jianshui Confucius Temple
The, the biggest temple in Yunnan Province, is Located near the north Gate to Jianshui. Its scale is second only to that of the Qufu Confucius temple in Shandong Province and is now one of the provincial historical relics. It is recorded that the Jianshui Confucius Temple was built in 1285.The temple covers an area of 114mu, imitating the style of the Qufu Confucius Temple, namely, a central - axis structure like a palace. This complex includes a main hall, two side - halls, three pavilions, four gates, five clan halls and eight memorial archways, all of which are kept in gook splendid.
The temple is surrounded with trees giving it a solemn appearance. On the westem side of the temple, there are two symbiotic trees. It is said that they were planted in the Yuan Dynasty. One is a cypress and the other is a banyan, which forms the unique picture ''Marshal Wan embracing Miss Bai''.



  • Shuanglong Bridge 

    Five kilometers west of Jianshui , at the confluence of Lujiang River are the Tachong River, lies Shuanglong Bridge. A combination of science and art, the stone bridge ranks first in Yunnan Province in terms of size and artistic value. It is now under provincial protection. When the bridge was built during the reign of Emperor Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty, it had only three arches on
      the north end. Later on, as the Tachong River changed its course, fourteen new bridge arches were added to the original ones and thus got the name "the Seventeen - Arch Bridge''. It is a masterpiece among ancient bridges in China.


  •   Zhilin Temple

    The Zhilin Temple in the west of Jianshui Town was built in 1296. With a longer history than the Jianshui Confucius Temple, it is considered the earliest Buddhist Temple in south Yunnan; thus it is rightfully called ''the Earliest Temple in Lin' an''. There is also a book written in 1450 and entitled An Inscriptional Reconstruction of the Zhilin Temple, depicting the history of how Zen Buddhism spread into Yunnan.
    The Former Residence of Zhu De The former Residence of Zhu De was the dwelling place for Zhu De in 1912 - 1915 when he went to Jianshui as battalion
      commander of the local army. The 200 - square - meter residence, lying at 19 Hongjin Road, Jianshui County, was the private property of Zeng shizhong, a schoolmate of Zhu De in Yunnan Land Force Lecture Academy. It is a courtyard house with three main and six wing rooms. During his stay in Jianshui, Zhu De lived in the three wing rooms on the east. The middle room served as the sitting room and the two wing -rooms were used as living rooms. Behind the rooms is a small yard that connects the living room. A small kitchen is in the yard and under it is a gate to the front garden where flowers, trees and bamboo are grown. In those years, Zhu De exercised himself here and talked about world affairs with the Zeng brothers. In 1915, Zhu De left Jianshui to participate in the Democracy War against Yuan Shikai, a warlord, and returned the rooms to the Zengs.


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