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South of Clouds  
  The ideographs for the word China literally mean Middle Kingdom , the concept of China was that territory bounded on one side by an inhospitable terrain steppes ,deserts , high plateau and lots of mountains inhabited by people who were , in Han eyes , of inferior cultural achievements . The Chinese for centuries saw their homeland as the centre of the world . And as they expanded out of their Yellow River heartland , moving mostly south , they occupied similar alluvial plains until they ran into mountains formidable enough to contain their mass migration . As a result , although the Han reside in every corner within the boundaries of contemporary China , they still mostly occupy a middle posittion between the sea and the mountains . 

  Off all the borderland provinces of China , indeed one could even say of all the provinces of China ,none can boast of as much diversity and attractions-physical cultural and ethnic -as the southwestern province of China . With 394,000sq km it is the nation's six largest . For 4061 km it's westren and southern bounaries are international borders -with Myanmar west and southwest , with Laos and Vietnam south / On its southeast side lies the Guangxi province , in the latter province rain and clouds dominate the weather and supposedly when one of the Nanzhao princes of Dali visited the Tang court he told the emperor his land was south of raining weather . The Chinese Emperor then dubbed that territory ,Yunnan--south of the clouds . 




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