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  • Embroidered Handcrafts

  • The bright clothing and embroidered accessories of Yunnan's minority peoples are favourite purchases . Aprons , shoulder bags , embroidered shoes , head dresses and belts are particularly attractive . Decorated baby hats , caps , and beautifully appliqued beibei(padded cloth baby carrier , tied to the mothers' back) are charming and amusing . Attractive blue and white batic cloth is made up into handbags , dresses , napkins and tablecloths . The Minorities Department Store is the source of many such items as well as cloth , braid , ornaments , buttons and lace . 




  • Jade   

    Many visitors have been impressed by the jade , which comes mostly from neighouring Burman , jade bracelets ,jade fingers ,jade pillow . etc. Jade has been cherished by the Chinese as symbol of many virtues . Jade carvings are made by chiselling , grinding , and boring . Typical subjects of jade carving are flowers , birds , animals , vases , incense burners and human figures especially beautiful woman from popular fairy and legends . The skill of the craftsman is shown in his ability to make the best use of the natural colour and the shape of the material . 




  •    Tea 
      Many varieties of local tea exist ; some of the beat known names are Pu Erh , Tou , Dianlu and Dabaicha . Yunnan black tea is very famous and excellent . 




  •    Medicines 
    • Chinese from all over the world come to Yunnan for its traditional medicines . Some familiarity with the products is necessary forsuccessful shopping , and the mere reading of the packages sends many foreigners reeling . Chinese angelica , a herb of the carrot family , is favoured as a pain killer , helps blood circulation and is good for the stomach . Pseudo-ginseng (sanqi and tianqi ) is considered an ideal preventive medicine for cardiovascular disease . 




  •    Baiyao (white medicine )
      Traditional folk remedy made from over 100 kinds of herbs that claims to cure bruise , internal haemorrhaging and gunshot wounds.




  •    Cigarettes 
      Most Chinese recognise that the best tobacco in the country comes from Yunnan . The prized brands are Yunyan , Red Camellia , Red pagoda Mountain and Dazhongjiu . 


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